Research Cooperation

Things change from the following point of view: New laws or cost pressure. We want to forestall this. There has been an innovation backlog in the wiring system in recent years. New contacting technologies have been introduced to process aluminum and copper in the wiring harness, but much more the wiring system suffers from degenerate complexity, a manual production process and old architectures.
Voitas engineering research cooperation

We are also a Research Initiator.

We want to make the wiring electrical system more innovative, lighter, more efficient and more manageable with some completely new approaches.
More innovative solutions ...
Mastery of complexity ...
Increase of energy efficiency ...
Lighter weight ...
Innovativere Lösungen ...

... und trotzdem stets die Kosten im Blick.

Beherrschung der Komplexität

... bei gleichzeitiger Ausstattungsvielfalt.

Steigerung der Energieeffizienz ...

... durch höhere Spannungslagen und Berücksichtigung von EMV.

Geringeres Gewicht ...

... und dennoch die Verbaubarkeit gewährleisten.

Research and development

A Look Outside the Box.

We do not follow well-trodden paths, but want to set new construction standards. The complexity in the automotive industry is growing rapidly. As history has shown, this is steadily increasing with high dynamics.
We do not want to take this development inactive, but rather improve it through our solution-oriented action. We are not just contractors and implementers who design according to specifications. We are visionaries, look to the future and want to live "Engineering - Connected - Future". The revolution is here and now. The increasing need for mobility brings with it further challenges.
With the arrival of all amenities such as comfort seats, infotainment, driver assistance systems, hybridization,...  not only the vehicle weight grows rapidly, but also the energy requirement. Of course, this is reflected in increased emissions.
But legislators like the European Union are also fueling this trend by promoting hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. The constant striving for completely autonomous driving further increases the complexity.We are convinced that only research and development together can generate better solutions than today.

Our Research Partners

Inspired by our inner drive, we decided to set up our own research project. Together with our partners, we will research innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.


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