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Today's vehicles are equipped with a large number of systems that are operated by intelligent control units. In order for the communication between them to take place, they need an efficient electrical wiring harness that meets the respective OEM-specific requirements.
A few thousand meters of cables in the car form the entire electrical system, a certain analogy to the human nervous system through which electrical impulses flow. Many people don't realize how complicated and sophisticated the connection system in their car is ... and they don't have to.
We do - engineers from the VOITAS engineering team. We make every effort to ensure that the services offered are performed at the highest level. We know - only together can we break new and better ground with our customers.
This approach applies not only to engineering, but also to all other areas in which we work together, such as Project management or the optimization of existing processes.We not only meet our customers' expectations, we always try to exceed them.
the genesis

Colleagues getting Business Partners.

After working as a wiring systems engineer in Poland, Germany and England for over seven years, Maciej Wojtas founded VOITAS Engineering in Poznan (Poland) in November 2017. Since then, his team has worked for TIER1 and engineering companies in the wiring system development. Then in September 2019, together with Armin Hager, who was most recently employed as a manager in the harness development at engineering companies and had already successfully set up development teams, the foundation of VOITAS Engineering GmbH and the opening of the German location followed.

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Maciej Wojtas
Maciej focuses on people.
Armin Hager
Innovation and drive are particularly important to Armin.
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