Research and development funding approved

Mit fünfmonatiger Vorarbeit, vielen internen Stunden und Abstimmungsrunden haben wir am 30.03.2020 die Projektskizze ENGINEER auf den Weg gebracht. ENGINEER ist ein Akronym und steht für "Effiziente Energieversorgung und intelligente Energieverteilung für zukünftige Bordnetzsysteme mit multiplenSpannungslagen ohne 12V Bleibatterie".
Sep 16, 2022

Projektskizze für "Neue Fahrzeug- und Systemtechnologien" eingereicht

In 2022 we successfully applied for the Research and Development grant funded by the German Finance Ministry. By June, our research proposal for the Wallbox was approved. This month, the tax office confirmed our funding application. The German Research Allowance Act promotes private-sector research and development, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.
The title of our research project comes as follows: "Development of an AI-supported charging system including a cable management tool for the safe, convenient, and app-controlled handling for e-vehicles in the public and private sector." We are excited for the opportunity to grow and learn, and aim to implement our findings in our ongoing and future projects!