Project management journey with BC²

Mit fünfmonatiger Vorarbeit, vielen internen Stunden und Abstimmungsrunden haben wir am 30.03.2020 die Projektskizze ENGINEER auf den Weg gebracht. ENGINEER ist ein Akronym und steht für "Effiziente Energieversorgung und intelligente Energieverteilung für zukünftige Bordnetzsysteme mit multiplenSpannungslagen ohne 12V Bleibatterie".
May 31, 2022

Projektskizze für "Neue Fahrzeug- und Systemtechnologien" eingereicht

In March 2022, we started the project management theme journey with BC², led by Bernward Clausing – a trained consultant with extensive experience in automotive engineering. Apart from the indisputable quality of the provided services, working with Bernward has been invaluable due to his first-hand knowledge of our working environment. Our way towards development involves improving our communication skills and learning how to quickly and effectively resolve conflicts. What cannot be overrated is the obtained knowledge implementation in our ongoing projects and a chance to use our potential to the fullest.
Three months ago, we participated in a two-day project management seminar. Having realized that most projects fail at the start due to unclear expectations and requirements, we got to learn how crucial it is to be attentive to any arising conflicts. We also gained insight into how fundamental, when it comes to effective project management, is the appreciation for people’s needs and values, alongside transparent communication. This week, we continue our journey with another seminar for our Polish and German colleagues. On Monday, we met in the beautiful Bavarian province for an experimental workshop, which among many practice-oriented exercises, included an improvisational theater! We benefit greatly from this opportunity to work with Bernward since we equate effective project management to being a successful engineering service provider.