Establishing a new cooperation with LEONI

Mit fünfmonatiger Vorarbeit, vielen internen Stunden und Abstimmungsrunden haben wir am 30.03.2020 die Projektskizze ENGINEER auf den Weg gebracht. ENGINEER ist ein Akronym und steht für "Effiziente Energieversorgung und intelligente Energieverteilung für zukünftige Bordnetzsysteme mit multiplenSpannungslagen ohne 12V Bleibatterie".
Dec 18, 2020

Projektskizze für "Neue Fahrzeug- und Systemtechnologien" eingereicht

Despite the unfavorable time for the development of the automotive industry, we continue to set ourselves new, ambitious goals! This time we will have the opportunity to use our many years of wiring systems experience in cooperation with LEONI AG – for the next 15 months we will be developing a high-voltage wiring system for one of the leading German OEMs. Many factors determined our victory in the tender, of which the most important from the customer's point of view were Porsche data connection and compliance with the requirements of TISAX certification.
The benefits of nearshoring were also very important for LEONI. "We would like to thank LEONI for the trust they have placed in our young startup and look forward to future projects." - says Armin Hager, CEO of VOITAS Engineering. We are proud that VOITAS builds a strong name on the automotive market thanks to its excellent development know-how!